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An interview of Elmar Krieger (Elmsoft / EGS) by NoRecess

01/03/2014 - 18:36genesis8

NoRecess did interview Elmar Krieger, the author of Amstrad CPC demos and programs (such as Prehistorik).

Source : NoRecess

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A remake of Outrun for PC by Barbarian 1987 using basic (QB64)

12/16/2013 - 22:39genesis8

After a remake of Barbarian and Crazy Cars, F.L. is currently writing a remake of Outrun (beta)

F.L. did program it with in basic (QB64), which is a windows compiler. You can get out your gwbasic or quick basic programs and still run them with QB64, or use the new features bringed by QB64 (like networking).

loading screen of the Outrun Amstrad CPC game

Source : CPC Rulez's forum

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SDCC v3.3.0 (C programming for Amstrad CPC) and new tutorials (english and french)

06/16/2013 - 18:11genesis8

A new release candidate of the ANSI-C compiler SDCC v3.3.0 is available for download. Many Z80 optimisation included in this new version.

You will find on CPCMANIA new SDCC tutorials (english) and on le site de Steph (french).

Source : Octoate

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Pluslib, a SDCC library for accessing Amstrad CPC plus hardware by Kevin Thacker

11/19/2012 - 21:41genesis8

Kevin Thacker just released Pluslib for the C compiler SDCC to be able to use the new features of the Amstrad CPC+.

For the moment you are able to use the CPC+ colors and sprites, more functions will come later.

Source : CPCWiki's forum

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Crazy Cars CPC, a remake programmed in basic with QB64 by F.L.

08/26/2012 - 22:41genesis8

After creating a Barbarian remake for its 25th anniversary, F.L. just programmed in only 1 month and 1000 lines code Crazy Cars CPC : a faithful remake though with some differences : shorter levers for example. The game is open source so you can make it better if you want.

F.L. did program it with in basic (QB64), which is a windows compiler. You can get out your gwbasic or quick basic programs and still run them with QB64, or use the new features bringed by QB64 (like networking).

screen of the Crazy Cars amstrad cpc game

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Small Device C Compiler v3.2.0 is available, program in C for Amstrad CPC

08/04/2012 - 23:08genesis8

The final version of the multi platform C compilator SDCC v3.2.0 is avalaible.

It brings better Z80 code generation, if you already use SDCC, you should update your version.

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All the listings of Hebdogiciel within easy reach

07/23/2012 - 00:38genesis8

The french newspaper Hebdogiciel published many computers listings, for all computers of the 80 era in this weekly newspaper by Shift Editions.

It was available between 1983 and 1987, and survived only with its sales, disallowing ads to stay independent.

Today, all its listing are available on Hebdogiciel.

Source : CPCRulez's forum

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SDCC v3.2.0 RC1 and new SDCC tutorials by Mochilote on CPCMANIA

06/23/2012 - 17:43genesis8

A new release candidate of the ANSI-C compiler SDCC v3.2.0 RC1 is available for download.

You will find on CPCMANIA 3 new SDCC tutorials :


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Interview of Prodatron - SymbiosiS by NoRecess

06/22/2012 - 13:21genesis8

NoRecess is still working on a secret project since last december, about at 40% completion, which should be available for next xmas.

In the mean time, you can go on his web site to read an interview of Prodatron - SymbiosiS, the author of demoes and the Amstrad CPC multi-task GUI SymbOS.

Source : NoRecess

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Barbarian 1987, a remake programmed in basic with QB64 by F.L.

06/03/2012 - 11:39genesis8

For the 25 years of Barbarian, F.L. delivered us Barbarian 1987 : the most faithful remake possible of this game which did cut a lot of heads years ago.

F.L. did program it with in basic (QB64), which is a windows compiler. You can get out your gwbasic or quick basic programs and still run them with QB64, or use the new features bringed by QB64 (like networking).

screen of the Barbarian amstrad cpc game

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Prince of Persia (Apple 2) source code found and now on Github

04/18/2012 - 18:40genesis8

Three weeks ago, the source code of the Apple 2 version o f Prince of Persia was been found once again by his author Jordan Mechner.

And today, you can get this source code of Prince of Persia on Github.

You will see on the photo boxes of cassette version of Prince of Persia and Karateka.

the original Apple 2 Prince of Persia source code

Source :

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CPCDiskXP v2.3 and programming tutorials by Mochilote on CPCMANIA

04/15/2012 - 21:27genesis8

The last version of the CPCDiskXP utility is available on CPCMania.

You will also find various programming tutorials, especially tutorials about using C compilers like Z88dk and SDCC, or assembler compiler like Pasmo.

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ccz80 v3.1.3 a cross-compiler using a C like syntax for PC aimed for the Amstrad CPC

04/02/2012 - 20:59genesis8

You can download the latest version of ccz80 (v3.1.3). The ccz80 language has a syntax based on C language, to program for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and MSX on a PC.

This new version corrects some Amstrad CPC librairies (and more).

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C Programming on and for Amstrad CPC

12/25/2011 - 01:06genesis8

To program in C on Amstrad CPC there are several compilers :

  • Small-C
  • Arnord-C
  • Hitech-C
  • Small-C
  • PhrozenC (on AND for Amstrad CPC as it also exists for windows)

But you can also program in C for Amstrad CPC on another platform. First,the multi-platform C compiler SDCC v3.1.0 targetting Z80 is out.

To use this compiler you can use an IDE : either Code::Blocks with its SDCC template by Octoate, or Phactory v2.1 by NoRecess with the help of SDCC2Pasmo v1.5 (wich comes with sources). SDCC2Pasmo takes an .ASM file created by SDCC and converts it to used with PASMO (a Z80 cross assembler) which is compatible with Maxam (Amstrad CPC Z80 compiler, WinApe too).

You can find tutors for using SDCC on NoRecess web site or on CPCWiki.

If you are interested in using SDCC, you should read this CPCWiki forum thread about SDCC possible problems and another about sMIDP2lib : a SDCC framework library by Mr Lou (which has now its own page on CPCWiki.

SDCC isnt the only compiler you can use, there is also :

ESP Soft's blog (google translation here in english) has informations about using Z88dk (librairies like cpcrslib and cpcwyzlib) and ccz80 (earliest news).

Source : Octoate

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Mandelbrot in one line of basic by Demoniak

09/06/2011 - 23:54genesis8

Just copy this one line of basic code by Demoniak and paste it in WinApe in the File Menu (or Ctrl + F11, or with any other Amstrad CPC emulator. Just for fun, like the Nyan Cat.

10 MODE 0:e=-1.3:FOR y%=0 TO 199:d=-2.4:FOR x%=0 TO 159:z=0:i=0:a%=0:WHILE a%<15 AND (z*z+i*i)<4:s=(z*z)-(i*i)+d:r=(2*i*z)+e:z=s:i=r:a%=a%+1:WEND:PLOT x%*4,y%*2,a%:d=d+0.0215:NEXT:e=e+0.013:NEXT

P.S. : in the general settings of WinApe, click on display every 1 frame and Turbo Mode, or you may have to wait a bit...

P.P.S : the second image is another basic source (more than 1 line) by Tronic-GPA.

Mandelbrot en une ligne de basic par Demoniak  Mandelbrot NOT one liner by Tronic-GPA

Source : CPCRulez's forum

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Edge grinder, a new multi-platform shoot them up game

06/24/2011 - 19:38genesis8

Guess what, Axelay is working on a port of Edge Grinder (see below), so says one of my numerous spies, who assured me that it isnt a secret and safe to be announced.

Edge grinder is in fact a work in progress C64 game at the start, the first Format War "Collabortition" (a combination of collaboration and competition) with the plan being for programmers on other 8-bits to consider ways to convert it from the C64 to their platform of choice. So on the Format War web site you can download all you need to port the game, source code, map, background and sprite data.

Edge Grinder on C64 by Backward Engineering

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Upscaling retro 8bit pixel art to vector graphics

05/25/2011 - 12:59genesis8

A new algorythm able to transform bitmap graphics such as on an Amstrad CPC to vector graphics, has been created. It can create smooth, curved contour lines from only-connected-on-the-diagonal single pixels. That would mean playing games on a big screen without big ugly pixels. See below for the link.

Source : Slashdot

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4 contests on CPC Power

02/27/2011 - 22:10genesis8

CPC Power is holding 4 contests : coding, GFX, music and logo GFX.

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Blue Angel 69 CPC conversion by Kevin Thacker is available

10/10/2010 - 21:09genesis8

Kevin Thacker's conversion of a Magic Bytes reflexion game released in 1989 : Blue Angel 69 (written by Winfried Stappert) is now available. The original game is turn based (vs computer or another player). The screen draws a 8x8 chessboard filled with positive or negative numbers. Each turn, the player must choose a number whichs on the same linge (or column for the other player) that the last chosen number. Once chosen the number est removed from the chessboard and added or substracted from the player score. The goal of the game is of course to have more points than your adversary at the end of the game (where you will see the sexy robot fully).

Blue Angel 69 has been programmed by Kevin Thacker, graphics by Markus Hohmann, CAT art, inlay, disc label by Kukulcan, Blue Angel 69 website hosted by Markus, created by Kukulcan.

You can download the FULL game and source from Kevin Thacker's website.

In the sources you will find a library to use StarKos from z88dk, and within morelib some extras for loading/saving files using amsdos, displaying double height chars and more. The code also includes a modified version of cpcrslib which Kevin modified to try and make the code smaller. Kevin hope others using z88dk to make games will find these sources useful.

All build files and tools (excluding z88dk) are in the download. Kevin Thacker provides all so that you can learn from it, and that's a very good idea.

You will also be able to download it from cpc-power, and here you will also find cassette inlay and a disc label, both created by Kukulcan.

Blue Angel 69 intro screenshot

Blue Angel 69 menu screenshot

Blue Angel 69 game screenshot

Source : CPC Wiki's forum

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Cheril of the Bosque by the Mojon Twins

10/10/2010 - 22:45genesis8

This is one news I should have written months ago, so much to say, though it will still be short. The Mojon Twins are spanish developers who simply piss code like cows do, I really dont know where they find time to write so many games.

Their latest creation is Cheril of the Bosque.

Dont hesitate to get their other games, many are coming with the sources like Kevin Thacker did with Blue Angel 69.

Source : CPC Rulez's forum

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Cpcdsk and the Caprice Reloaded emulator

06/25/2010 - 23:04genesis8

Cpcdsdk is a project aiming to collect the various bit of existing sourcecode in one common place for the linux OS relative to the Amstrad CPC, add the missing features, and make life easier for all developpers :

  • The Caprice Reloaded emulator, with integrated assembler and debugger, for windows and linux,
  • gfx2crtc, a tool to convert pictures to the amstrad sceen format,
  • An imporved version of Ramlaid's cpctools, now running under linux, with (limited) support for usb floppy drives
  • A special version of STSound from Leonard, modified to emulate an AY3 more accurately (the original emulates the slightly different YM chip used in the Atari ST)
  • Hideur Maikeur by Downwater for handling AMSDOS headers
  • iDSK from sid for manipulating dsk images and files inside.

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ccz80 v3.0, a cross-compiler using a C like syntax for PC aimed for the Amstrad CPC

04/18/2010 - 22:38genesis8

You can download the latest version of ccz80 (v3.0.0). The ccz80 language has a syntax based on C language, to program for Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and MSX on a PC.

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PhrozenC v1.1 update

03/27/2010 - 19:11genesis8

PhrozenC has been updated to v1.1 :

  • CC (Win32) Fixed crash when included file does not exist
  • Fixed crash when calling CC with a C file entirely created on a CPC
  • Fixed CS RSX-command usage. Now only ROM-based, but 100% safe
  • Updated documentation with compiler internal section

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PhrozenC, the compiler which cames from the cold by NoRecess

03/24/2010 - 20:35genesis8

PhrozenC is a C compiler for Amstrad CPC and PC by NoRecess. On PC it compiles a .C file in .ASM ready to compile with WinAPE. On CPC the .ASM file can be compiled with Maxam.

For Amstrad CPC it exists a ROM version, a 64 Kb version (stand-alone application), 128 Ko (RSX).

PhrozenC is released with a manual (PDF-format, 33 pages), covering all the things you have to know about to start programming using PhrozenC.

There is even a small tutorial about learning C for the newcomers. Example sources are available, as also a small set of library files handling file management, graphics, memory management, string concatenation, etc..

It's version 1.0, NoRecess plans to get your feedback and provide better versions with time...

PhrozenC, C compilator for Amstrad CPC and PC screenshot  PhrozenC, C compilator for Amstrad CPC and PC screenshot  PhrozenC, C compilator for Amstrad CPC and PC screenshot

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CPCrslib update, an Amstrad CPC library for Z88dk (C programming)

09/09/2009 - 01:54genesis8

cpcrslib (Amstrad CPC library for Z88dk) has been updated.

Tile Map Areal. A virtual and a visible area are defined. Horizontal and Vertical invisible margins can be defined. With that trick it's possible to make the sprite clipping when disappearing from the screen. It's very usefull when scrolling too.

TileMapConf.asm: Two new constants defined: T_WH y T_HH. With them, the invisble margins are defined.

cpc_ShowTileMap2: Shows visible area instead of full virtual area. Usefull when scrolling.

cpc_PutSpTileMapO: New routine to make a sprite disappear from the screen when it leave the visible area.

cpc_ScrollLeft0,cpc_ScrollRight0: Tile Map Scrolling routines modified. cpc_ScrollLeft, cpc_ScrollRight: Decrapted.

Source : CPC Rulez's forum

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ESP Soft blog about programmation on Amstrad CPC

08/14/2009 - 00:14genesis8

ESP Soft's blog is open since the 14th July 2009. It's mostly about programmation for Amstrad CPC, how to use the CCZ80 compiler by Emilio Guerrero, with code source of the Xilen war game.

google translation of the ESP Soft blog

Source : CPC Rulez's forum

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Amstrad CPC programmation in C language

08/11/2009 - 14:00genesis8

For those who would be interested in programming applications for Amstrad CPC in C language, you have at least 3 possibilities :

  • Z88dk v1.9 with cpcrslib (Amstrad CPC library for Z88dk) : several programs including an Amstrad CPC+ demo (Phat) have been programmed with Z88dk already
  • Small Device C Compiler v2.9.0 : Contiki and the pheelone demo has been compiled with SDCC, any other program that someone would know ?
  • CCZ80 v2.07 by Emilio Guerrero. This compiler can be used for developping Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum and MSX programs on windows (command line application, with a GUI included). Gommy, Defensor Medieval a ZX Spectrum game has been programmed with CCZ80. There are 2 Amstrad CPC librairies usable for CCZ80 : cpcrslib (adapted from cpcrslib for Z88dk) and sprutilcpc ( included with CCZ80), but no Amstrad CPC program seems to have been programmed yet with CCZ80. If you have, let me know please.

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Phat, an Amstrad CPC+ demo by Norecess (July 2008)

08/04/2009 - 20:06genesis8

Phat is a demo by Norecess released in July 2008 for Amstrad CPC+, coded in C with the Z88dk C compiler.

Though you can see a video of Phat on Youtube, it will be better to use a real Amstrad CPC or an emulator.

screenshot of the Phat demo by Norecess screenshot of the Phat demo by Norecess

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Pheelone, a new Amstrad CPC demo

07/18/2009 - 03:49genesis8

Pheelone is a new Amstrad CPC demo by Norecess (code), Ced (graphisme) and Targhan (sound). This demo needs 128 Kb memory, and has been programmed with Small Device C Compiler v2.9.0.

Pheelone, an Amstrad CPC demo

You can see a video of Pheelone on Youtube.

Source : Push'N'Pop

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SDCC - Small Device C Compiler v2.9.0

07/15/2009 - 22:17genesis8

Small Device C Compiler v2.9.0 is out (since 22th march 2009), it's a freeware, retargettable, optimizing ANSI - C compiler that targets the Intel 8051, Maxim 80DS390 and the Zilog Z80 based processors. Contiki (a small but modern operating system) for Amstrad CPC was compiled with SDCC. BTW, last version of contiki (v2.3.0) is out since the 27th june 2009.

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ASM sources of compression engines on Tom & Jerry's site

01/24/2008 - 01:25genesis8

You will find on Tom & Jerry's site 2 ASM sources (maxam) for compressing Amstrad CPC binaries (better than pucrunch and bitbuster) : Exomizer et Aplib, coming from the PC world. He found them in a forum thread of Amstrad.ESP (spanish site).

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