From: dave (David Long)
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Subject: Amstrad CPC newsgroup
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Date: 25 Mar 1994 11:15:59 -0500
Organization: KECHB School
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Due to a considerable increase in interest in the Amstrad CPC series of
machines, Marco Vieth (author of CPCEMU - a CPC emulator for the PC) and
myself are interested in setting up a newsgroup devoted to this topic.

The proposed name is "comp.sys.cpc". This will cover every subject related
to the CPC and will not be moderated.

I would appreciate a response from anyone with comments on this matter. Send
follow-ups to "news.announce.newgroups" and "comp.os.cpm".

The CPC is an 8-bit machine, three models of which were produced by the
British company Amstrad. It is based around a Z80 processor and has 64k
of directly accessible memory, which can be expanded to 576k. The CPC Emulator
is available in the Emulators directory of the Simtel20 archives/mirrors
as CPCEMU09.ZIP. It requires a 386 or above with VGA to run.
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