Genesis8 Amstrad Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The creation of the comp.sys.amstrad.8bit newsgroup was an idea of Marco Vieth and David Long on the 25th March 1994. The result of the creation was posted on the 28th July 1994 after a procedure wich consisted of a discussion (RFD :Request For Discussion) and a vote (CFV : Call For Vote) from the 21th June to 21th July 1994. It was created the 4th August 1994.

This unmoderated newsgroup comp.sys.amstrad.8bit is open to discussions about the Z80 Amstrad computers : CPC (464, 664, 6128, 464+, 6128+), GX4000, PCW (8256, 8512, 9256, 9512, 9512+, 10, 16), NC100/150/200 and PDA600.

Some newsgroups have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It's the answers to the most asked questions by people coming for the first time on the newsgroup, so usual readers dont have to answer every time. You will find below the FAQ of this newgroups in several languages, in text and HTML.

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